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Why You Should Not Use SPEWS

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Use SpamCop, not SPEWS

We are full supporters of SpamCop, and we encourage all networks to stop using SPEWS and start using SpamCop as a filtering mechanism.  SpamCop is accurate, agile, and automated, and lists IP addresses from which spam is actually originating, where as SPEWS lists any IP addresses they feel like.

Want to see that SpamCop is better for yourself?  Take our SpamCop versus SPEWS test.

If you're received unsolicited e-mail (SPAM) in the last day or so, open up a few of those messages, and examine the headers and retrieve the originating IP address from where the message was went.  Then go to SpamCop's IP checker and see if SpamCop is blocking that address.  Chances are, it is.  Then go to SPEWS and see if SPEWS is blocking that IP address.  Chances are it isn't.  Instead of listing IP addresses that spam is actually sent from, SPEWS lists legitimate IP addresses for the purpose of hurting ISPs and companies.


Spam is bad. SPEWS is worse.
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